About Our Company

About Kelly Container

Providing Dry and Refrigerated Storage Containers to the North East

Started in 1978, Kelly Container has been providing storage equipment for over 40 years. Privately owned, Kelly Container seeks to provide the very best hands on service to over 2000 clients. What separates Kelly Container from the competition? First, we will provide you with professional one on one attention. If you call Kelly Container, you will never get an automated answer; a live member of our staff will answer, and put you together with a Kelly Container professional who will personally accommodate whatever your need might be. Secondly, Kelly Container pledges to bring you the finest quality equipment at the lowest competitive rates. Our ongoing specials allow us to give customers even lower rates on storage containers. Since Kelly Container is centrally located in Suffield Connecticut, it allows us to service all over New England. If you are interested in refrigerated storage containers, Kelly Container's refrigeration division provides equipment nationally.

There are several options for portable storage in Kelly Container's service area. So, why choose Kelly Container? Distinctions that surface include personal hands on service, quality equipment, and prompt courteous delivery. Oftentimes Kelly Container customers need quick turnaround, custom accommodations, sizes or features. By having a large storage facility and knowledgeable staff Kelly Container can strive to excel in providing each of those qualities.


Importantly, our company is professional and accommodating. Being able to provide onsite storage, is not particularly difficult. What is critical, however, is providing those services in a manner that insures the customer does not need to spend time grappling with dilemmas such as timeliness, delivery, price or billing. The use of Kelly Container insures that you’ll get a quality, guaranteed dry, storage unit. And, if you should have any questions or issues, Kelly Container staff is available day and night to resolve any need you might have.