Storage Containers VS Self-Storage Facilities

Storage Containers

VS Self-Storage Facilities

Portable storage utilizing storage containers offers significant advantage over self storage. Self storage requires bringing your stored product to a site, unpacking and packing on site, and inconvenience of mobility of products. Storage containers rental and stream_get_filters by Kelly Container offer storage at your site, brought by Kelly Container to your location. They are secure storage, wind and watertight containers/trailers which will accommodate your storage needs professionally. The storage container business is more economical and provides storage to your clients in the most cost effective storage method.

Self Storage facilities throughout the region, provide on site storage for clients wishing to deliver their goods to a location where they can be stored. What if you want to store goods at your location and don't want to travel to another facility? Kelly Container, is able to deliver storage to YOUR site.

Using a self storage facility can be costly over time. Kelly Container allows you to buy or rents your own storage container saving you time and money in the long term. If you require the ease of access, and wish to store your product at your location, please contact a member of our storage container sales force. Our storage container specialists can accommodate any size, location or length of time custom to your storage needs.